Postlethwaite Effective Schools in Reading

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In an exploratory study done by Postlethwaite T. Neville; Ross, Kenneth N. they pointed out certain indicators of schools which are effective in reading.

Here some of those indicators.

  1. There is a school newspaper
  2. There is a school library and it is well stocked
  3. There are classroom libraries which are also well stocked
    1. In her book ‘Passionate Readers’ Ms. Ripp speaks much about the classroom library and convinces me of its importance.
  4. Students borrow frequently
  5. In some of the more effective schools there are separate reading rooms in the libraries for students.
    1. The issue of choice has to be mentioned here. In lit class students, somewhat understandably, are given books to read, which many of them do not find interesting. Those books are read in order to pass quizzes and tests. But they don’t contribute to making the young person a reader.
    2. When the young person is able to choose her book there is much greater likelihood they will read the book. If they find they made an error, then they should be supported in leaving that book and finding another which interests them.
    3. The main argument here is that reading is fundamental to the person, in his or her life. It also plays a big part in getting a job. If the person does not read much then lit classes are failing to make readers. It is only by reading plenty, that which appeals to them, that readers are made, and so choice is important.
  6. There is a separate room set up for professional use by teachers
  7. A high proportion of female reading teachers
  8. Teachers have students engage in reading activities in the classroom, and have students use the library. Indeed some teachers do make a practice of taking their students to the library.
    1. I do see teachers who take their children to the library and it is always pleasant to see that. Some teachers recommend that there be at least ten minutes reading time in class. It seems like a good idea since we want them to read. If they find books which attract them, it is likely they will read them outside of schools; which is what we want.
  9. For the students who do not go to the library the library can be made more inviting by having certain activities like plays in the library. Get more of the popular books.

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