Is Walmart Involved?

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For quite some time, more than five years, people have followed me around. They have filled my apartment with vile fumes, for more than a year. Their deep pockets and influence allow them to try and sell the idea that I am a bad person. They have also been trying for a long time to slow my check I get in the mail.

Unbelievably as it sounds they have followed me from apartment to apartment, and because of their money and influence they seem to prevail, using one dishonest means or the other, to get managers to go along with them, and they get people to hurt me. In one apartment they put toxic fumes into my rooms for more than a year.  I now live in a room which belongs to a woman in West Dallas, and it seems that they have followed me here also.

What is apparent is that these people lie, in order to get people angry, act on emotions and not reason. They prey on this. This seems, although it might not be so, to be the case in the present.

I have drunk from water left standing and gotten sick, when I return to drink it.

While I may be wrong, the time for which this has been happening permits me to make reasonable conclusions. Their one principle, apart from using lies, is that if they can get away with it then do it.

I do believe Walmart, of which there are many around, is involved in it. Mashty who I believe works for them as an operator often shows up when I go to a particular Walmart; it is no accident.

My scarce writing which I do, these people wish to shut up. How could they speak of education and make every attempt to shut up the writing of a poor black person. Only God has brought me so far.

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