Did he threaten to shoot me?

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Did he threaten to shoot me?


I left the Dallas West Library on 08/08/2018, at about 7:00 pm and went home. I turned on the garden faucet, which trembles for a second or two, then the water starts pouring. Arthur comes to the outer door of the house where we rent and live, and starts lecturing me about the using that faucet. I have heard it before and turned away, without answering. He then threatened to put some lead into my ‘ass.’ This is not the first time. Lord, oh Lord.

The nonsense from him has been ongoing; put the toilet seat up, close the door, open the door, leave the toilet door near closed; did you get permission to do that? This is a brother. And yes I have gotten enough, so when he spoke I refused to give it any attention. Telling me that he is going to put lead into me is, I consider, a threat, and a serious one. When I first started living there, there were some vocal exchanges and after a while I decided not to get into a shouting match. I have a limit on unpleasant arguments.

One morning the owner of the house, who lives across the street, came and knocked on my room door, just when I was waking up. She wanted to see if there was a smell in my room. I was surprised and could not answer her properly. Apparently Arthur had complained, by phone, about a smell coming from my room. Upon entering the living room I found a seething Arthur. I thought I would speak to him and calling his name I approached him and was met with a MF, come on let’s have it out; a real live invitation to fight. The man was right up in my face. It was difficult to believe. I am far from boyhood, and really cannot see two old men fighting. It was difficult to understand why he had decided it came from my room. The landlord admitted there was no smell in my room.

There was a smell in the house indeed, but it was not coming from my room. I had smelled that before and had no idea where it came from. I believe I will have to do something about this before this guy does something stupid.

The owner spoke to me afterwards last night, and she conceded that was bad behavior on Arthur’s part. I am a little concerned though because I do feel that such a matter merits a discussion between the three of us.

Very few of these things happen simply randomly. That is what I feel. It is just deeper than that. But I may be wrong. However I think I will write a formal complaint and send it in to the owner, and then maybe to the police.

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