Another threat today from tenant.

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Today in the early morning I heard a knock on my door and looked out to see Arthur, another tenant, fuming and holding a piece of paper, stained with a red substance, in his hand. He proceeded to tell me that I was responsible for placing that substance somewhere and that he found things on the floor in his room also; according to him I had placed them there. Quite honestly I am not sure I really understood. Firstly I don’t remember doing those things, and I had not put anything under his door. Secondly threatening to ‘break my face,’ did not seem to make any sense.

I called the land lady who came and said if Arthur spoke like that again he would be evicted. We spoke for a while and then she went inside, saying she would speak with Arthur. She was with Arthur for quite some time and they both seemed to be in a rather good mood. It does not seem like she said one word to him on the matter. This is not the first time I have had doubts about her sincerity.

To be sure I feel there is a great deal of dishonesty and that in spite of her talk that she is in cahoots with him. In other words she supports him but has to tell me that she will evict him if he does it again.

According to her, he hates witchcraft and the things which he had found seemed like witchcraft. I don’t know how much sense that makes at all. When I first came to live here I placed a temperature sensor on a tree, outside. It would send the temperature to my clock, and that kept me informed of the temperature outside; that way I only had to look on my clock to get the temperature. He took it down because according to him it made a noise. It cannot make a noise since it sends a radio signal to the clock and radio signals do not make sounds. That kind of things is for me a type of silliness.

This is the third time I have been threatened and it causes me some distress. I am a little too old to get into a fight. And I do not wish for my face to be broken either. I am looking for another place to live but cannot do that overnight so I will have to be here for a little while.






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